Our projects

By 2020 we have done more than 300 projects in lead generation and marketing for information technologies, consulting, business education, marketing and others.

We have done millions of call and have sent the same number of mailings, have found thousands of prospects and lead, made hundreds of appointments and dozens of business meetings. Also we have created so many lead generation and marketing texts, call scripts, letters, brochures and press-releases.

Our projects include:

  • Lead generation for RignVox (information security)
  • Lead generation for TXL (web-portals)
  • Lead generation for  Varonis Systems (information security and data storage)
  • Marketing lists for Leading Group (education)
  • Events for QlikView (business intelligence)
  • Event for SAP (ERP)
  • Marketing and PR support for CIBER (PR strategy and support)
  • Marketing lists for COMPLETE (system integrator)
  • Marketing lists for ABBYY Software (linguistic software)
  • Partner relations for NETGEAR
  • Events for NETGEAR
  • Marketing lists for NETGEAR
  • Marketing research for lead generation for NetApp
  • Events support (gaining attendees) for NetApp
  • Marketing lists for Epicor
  • Lead generation for Sentrigo (information security)
  • Lead generation for Northern (database optimization)
  • Marketing for SoftJoys
  • Lead generation for Indeed ID
  • Events support (gaining attendees) for Irisoft
  • Marketing and PR support for Systola (PR strategy and support)
  • Lead generation for Nicotech
  • Marketing and PR support for Qlik
  • Marketing and PR support for Compulink
  • Marketing lists for Softline
  • Lead generation for IMISP
  • Lead generation for Belocal and its partners
  • Lead generation for Softprom
  • Lead generation for Espro
  • Marketing lists for Aflex Distribution
  • Events support (gaining attendees) for Svet Computers
  • And many others!
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