Lead generation survey

NWComm agency has conducted the first survey on lead generation strategy and tactics for 2016.
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This survey covered 259 lead generation, marketing and sales professionals working around the world (USA and Canada, Europe, Russia, India) from information and telecommunication technologies, consulting, banking, wholesale, insurance, auto-dealers, etc.

The key themes of the survey:
-             Strategy for lead generation and lead criteria
-             Most effective lead generation tactics of 2015
-             Lead generation challenges and problems
-             Sales to follow lead generation
-             Price per lead
-             Technical support for lead generation
-             Functional and organizational issues of lead generation
-             Future plans for lead generation in 2016
-             Practice: insights and personal experience from the leading companies

Lead generation is a set of marketing activities designed to attract direct contacts of prospective customers who have demonstrated some interest in one’s goods and services. Lead generation facilitates the sales process. It is distinct from brand awareness and PR. This strategy is focused on determining a specific level of interest of concrete potential buyers, for both businesses and consumers.

The full version of the survey is available for download at Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/KseniaAndreeva/benchmark-report-lead-generation-strategies-and-tactics-for-20152016

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