Public relations

The main goal of a PR campaign is to use the media to bring the message about your services to your target audience in the most effective way possible.

Benefits of working with us

NWComm offers experience in PR promotion of B2B services and products. We use our established relationships with the media to get maximum impact by reaching your target audience through the relevant outlets and creating a positive information flow about your company.

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • strategic PR, including creating a PR strategy, a PR plan, regulating the work of a PR department, relevant media databases, media analysis over a period in comparison to competitors;
  • monthly PR support, including a systematic approach to maintaining media relations and establishing new contacts, creating press-releases, news and expert opinions on behalf of your company, launching a maximum number of positive publications about your business, publishing and updating the information about your company in the open databases of your industry, PR support of the events; 
  • one-time PR activities such as organizing a press-conference or an interview, composing a press-release or a piece of news, mailing a press-release and promoting it for publication.


You will have the following results of our PR services for you:

  • publications confirming your status as a leader in your professional field;
  • publications with positive coverage of your services in relation to competitors;
  • articles contributing to the positive image of your management team;
  • other indicators specific to your PR strategy.
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